Why are men susceptible to balanitis in summer?

It’s summer, the hottest season of the year. I wonder if you find that at this time to see a doctor in the male outpatient department of the hospital patients are particularly many, including balanitis accounted for a large proportion, so why are men susceptible to balanitis in summer? Here we will take you to understand the reasons.

Why are men susceptible to balanitis in summer?

Summer weather is hot, easy to stimulate men’s sexual impulse, and sweating more, easy to lead to prepuce adhesion, urethral stomatitis, urethral orifice stenosis, and even inflammation retrograde upward along the urethra, causing urinary tract infection.

If you do not pay attention to cleaning the external genitals frequently, the secretions of the sebaceous glands of prepuce will accumulate under the prepuce of the hospital, forming a prepuce scale like tofu residue. Prepuce scale is a good culture agent for bacteria, and it is easy to induce balanitis if it is not removed in time.

Male genitourinary tract infections can affect the normal physiological functions of the urinary tract, gonads and external genitals, especially sexual desire and sexual function, but these effects are mostly temporary. After the general symptoms of infection are controlled, sexual function can be restored.

For male infected balanitis, treatment should be standardized and five principles should be observed:

1. Seeking medical treatment in time: the best treatment period for this kind of disease is within 1-4 months after infection. The longer the delay, the more difficult the treatment will be, and it is easy to cause long-term consequences.

2. Therapeutic criteria: It is suggested that the patients should be examined and treated scientifically and normatively in regular hospitals, and the patients should be identified, and the drugs should be prescribed according to the severity of the disease.

3. Complete medication: In the course of treatment, adequate medication is needed, the course of treatment is full, and the norms are followed.

4. Effectiveness continuity: avoid frequent replacement of hospitals or doctors to ensure the continuity of treatment effect.

5. Co-governance of husband and wife: suspend the life of husband and wife, and treat the partner at the same time, so as to avoid re-infection in the course of treatment.

The reason why men are susceptible to balanitis in summer has been explained clearly above. I hope that every man needs to pay more attention to hygiene in summer and not give bacteria a chance to survive, so that he will not be susceptible to balanitis and will not suffer himself.

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